Thursday, May 14, 2009


sOmetimes we alwys notice dat we attract to some1.. but we don't even knw it's luv or just our attraction twrds his/her face n attitude... but ussually we'll say it's luv.. as i learn b4, there're 3types of lUv style.. eros, stOrge n ludus.. eros lUv from idea of how peOple they like n they'll attract to dat people when they meet.. stOrge lUv is a lUv btwn 2 fren.. usually besfren n take a long time 2 switch from fren 2 a lOvers.. and Ludus luv, 4 me is a casanOva luv.. easy tO fall in luv wif many people.. many people (including me.. hehe..) prefer erOs style of lUv.. i alwys imagine people dat will bcOme my prince charming...his characteristic, his loOk, his taLent in everythng.. absOlutely i like ki bUm, jUn ki n others kOrean artist.. hehe.. bt nOw i realize dat..not all people dat perfect in our imagination are really suitable with us.. luv in a first sight willn't success if each of them ar not suitable 4 each other.. it's not only about status, money or job...but how much they can adapt, share n care towrds us.. sOmetimes i prefer companiate lUv rather than passionate luv.. it's bcOz i need sOme1 to take care of me, share our problem 2gther n care each other.. it's a real lUv 4 me..


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