Saturday, November 20, 2010

which one?

between Trust, Hope and Love what is the most important?
answer: Loyalty!

i just get this question from korean drama
Mary Stayed Out All Night
my activity for this whole semester break..
(owhh..including my thesis.. huhu..)

btw Jang Guen Suk sOooooo handsome meh..
*berdarah hidongku* hehehe~~

emm.. if i were the one who get this question, maybe i will answer LOVE.. coz for me it's hard to find someone who really love me and accept me the way i am. alhamdulillah now i already have my momot.. who make me just like one of the school girls who get a first crush! maybe i look too overboard with my love story, but i don't think u know, how hard i get this LOVE.. LOVE that i never get before..

but after watching this drama and get the answer LOYALTY is the most important thing, i suddenly realized that LOVE can't stand alone if someone can't afford LOYALTY in relationship.. InsyaAllah i'll be loyal to my love one.. and i HOPE to get it back from my love one too.. okeh momot! sayang kamu! *kurang tiga*

*psst.. rase nk kawen la.. bole? hehehe~~*

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